Flying Adventures in Canberra - ACT

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Aerial Skydiving

Aerial Skydiving, Pty. Ltd. has been offering tandem skydives over Canberra since 1994. The great Canberra climate and the safety and expertise of Aerial Skydiving will contribute to the amazing experience of a lifetime! From the exit height over Canberra of up to 10,000 feet you will be able to see Canberra's lakes, parks, and the Parliamentary Triangle. You may even fly over your own home.

Aquila Helicopters

Aquila Helicopters provides a range of flights and tours over the Australian Capital Territory, South Coast and Snowy Mountains. Lasting from 15 to 90 minutes with up to three passengers, you can view Australia's coastal scenery, snow-topped mountains and celebrate special occasions.

Balloon Aloft Phillip

Canberra is one of the most beautiful cities to be found anywhere and there is no better way to appreciate all of it´s natural charms, than from a Balloon Aloft flight.

Brindabella Airlines

Take a Canberra Evening Champagne Flight, a Snowy Mountains Scenic Tour or view the coastline from 500 feet in a modern twin-engine aircraft.

Dawn Drifters Balloon Flights

Taking off at dawn, you will rise above Canberra's unique city design, enjoying an exciting and magical experience provided by Dawn Drifters.

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