Things to do in Western Australia

RedBalloon AU Almost twice as big as Mongolia, and just as remote, it's impossible to visually represent the whole of Western Australia on a postcard (the old cardboard ones you buy at tourist information centres that is).

Stand in the middle and you'll be about as far away from anyone else as it's possible to be on this planet without getting rather wet. Head north and you'll find yourself in a spectacular tropical wilderness of giant gorges and crocodile-infested rivers.

Follow the near-deserted Indian Ocean coastline to the southern corner and you won't be able to escape the rolling waves and boutique wineries. The sight of dainty wildflowers photosynthesising alongside Karri forests as high as a football field is long is truly memorable, as is the redness of the dust, the searing outback heat and the stride of a red kangaroo as it bounces off into the sunset.

Find out more about this wonderful state by reading our Western Australia Travel Guide.

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