Things to do in Northern Territory

RedBalloon AU Possibly the only state in the world where it can be literally freezing in one city and half-way to boiling point in another, it would be more than hyperbole to note that the Northern Territory is a land of contrasts. From the languid multiculturalism of capital Darwin, to the raw, earthen beauty of Uluru, the crocodile-infested estuaries of Kakadu and Arnhem Land, and the wide, brown deserts splayed across the landscape, this is a spiritual place and it's well worth a look. 

There are plenty of things to do in the Northern Territory, as long as you don't mind travelling a bit. Darwin is full of great restaurants and is a cultural capital, but it's the dangerous wildlife and outback landscapes that really draw people in. See a map of the Northern Territory or visit out Northern Territory Travel Guide for more information.

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