Things to do in New South Wales

RedBalloon AU For many years number plates in this state read: New South Wales, the Premier State — and while number plates can rarely be trusted, this one was succinct.

Stretching north past the former-hippy-commune-turned-million-dollar-seaside-resort-town of Byron Bay, west to outback Broken Hill (although to loosely quote Bill Bryson, "it's not outback if it has a McDonalds and a bookstore"), south to the mighty Murray River, and loosely centered around Sydney, Australia's largest city, New South Wales was the first state in Australia, has the largest population, and is a microcosm (albeit a large one) of the country's climate, landscape and people. If you could only visit one state in Australia, New South Wales would be it.

For most visitors to Australia, Sydney is the first stop and a must-see destination, but step outside what is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world and you'll discover that there are more things to do in New South Wales than any other state in Australia.

From the sub-tropical beaches and gorgeous mountain ranges in the north, battered coastal cliffs in the south and never-ending outback deserts in the west, NSW offers something to do for everyone. View this Map of New South Wales (this historical map is pretty neat too), read our New South Wales Travel Guide and check out the complete list of things to do in New South Wales below:

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